person smiling wanting ceramic bracesAs an often unsung hero, ceramic braces deserve far more credit. They’re able to correct your smile with many advantages and with less discomfort than traditional braces. Lovett Dental offers clear braces for most patients with only the most severe cases requiring metal brackets. Our skilled orthodontists can recommend just the right treatment to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and enjoy a beautiful, straight smile. You can also improve your oral health by treating crooked or crowded teeth.

The Advantages of Ceramic Braces

Clear braces work in the same fashion as their metal counterparts. They’re able to be used in many cases where clear aligners can’t, and they often produce a better overall result. These braces are nearly as strong as metal braces, so they can be used to treat most patients. A common misconception is that clear braces break easily. Over time, major developments in the materials and the design of these braces have made them far stronger.

Another development that offers an even more discreet appearance is the ability to match the wire with the natural shade of the teeth. Today’s braces stand up to stains, and they’re typically unnoticeable in photos. Bands with colors can be used in cases where kids or teens wish to show off their braces. For adults, the discreet design and ability to camouflage the band can provide a faster result than aligners. Less pain is common with clear braces, as they don’t disrupt the gums. The removal process is fast and easy for the patient’s comfort. Less demineralization of tooth enamel is also another benefit that clear braces provide.

The Most Effective Ceramic Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists provides more information regarding treatment options for orthodontic patients. The American Dental Association also weighs in on the topic of braces. The treatment of orthodontic patients is advisable as early as the age of seven, according to many sources. Early intervention is important to reduce the significant effects that a “bad bite” could cause over time with deferred treatment.

Braces work by slightly moving the teeth at each interval when they’ve been adjusted. The pain is minimal with clear appliances, and visits for adjustments are quick. If any discomfort is felt, it typically subsides after a few days, and your orthodontist can recommend products that can help. Most patients have their orthodontic treatment completed within 18 months. Retainer appliances work to preserve the smile for long-term benefits.

Proper dental hygiene is very important for all orthodontics patients, and your orthodontist will ensure that you’re complying with instructions through examinations. Brushing after meals with the proper technique for braces should always be a priority. By keeping up your oral health, you can help to make sure your treatment will be successful and minimize pain and discomfort.

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