If you’re dealing with pain from your jaw, you may require TMJ treatment. This disorder is from the dysfunction of the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. More formally, TMJ is a disorder that affects the muscles and temporomandibular joints that allow you to open and close your mouth.

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Effective TMJ Treatment

young girl in bed in need of TMJ TreatmentThe pain from TMJ will often radiate along the jawline and up to the ear. One of the most common symptoms is a popping or clicking noise from the jaw that’s easily heard. The condition affects approximately 15% of the population and is more common in women. The exact cause is unknown. However, there are some common symptoms to look for, which include:

  • Face and neck pain
  • A stiff jaw
  • A locking jaw
  • Jaw grating or grinding
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Ringing in the ears

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you may benefit from a custom-made dental appliance from our office.

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When to Seek TMJ Treatment With Lovett Dental Humble

It’s important to know when to make an appointment for TMJ treatment. If you’re experiencing pain that doesn’t seem to subside, that’s always a cause for concern. If you’ve been experiencing an increase in symptoms, it’s best to have one of our dentists check everything out.

Many issues can occur if you ignore TMJ symptoms. Aside from jaw pain, you could be contracting your facial muscles in a way that will cause pain throughout your head and neck. Without intervention, airway sleeping disorders like sleep apnea can develop and cause significant health issues throughout the body. Worn down teeth can also contribute to dental issues that are more complex to repair.

TMJ Issues That Require Treatment

The exact causes of TMJ are largely unknown. Researchers believe that previous dental trauma or dislocation of the jaw could be a leading cause. Other causes that can contribute to TMJ include arthritis, stress, and grinding of the teeth. When in doubt, scheduling an appointment with Lovett Dental Humble is the best choice to determine if you need TMJ treatment.

Lovett Dental Humble Offers TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment.

Your dentist will conduct a physical examination to determine if you have TMJ or if additional testing is necessary. If so, you’ll most likely receive an X-ray or other imaging with specialized equipment. Your dentist will make a diagnosis and proceed with treatment, if necessary.

There are many treatments for TMJ that range in intensity. You may already be using pain medications to alleviate your symptoms. Other conservative treatments include the use of dental appliances like nightguards. Our office uses nightguards as a common treatment to protect you from further damage to your jaw and other affected areas. In the most severe cases, surgery is another treatment option but is rarely necessary to correct the condition.

Lovett Dental Humble offers a free consultation to help determine if TMJ treatment will help. Our team will also check for other conditions. We’ll work to get rid of your dental issues and pain. We offer convenient appointment times, and our professional and friendly staff members are always happy to assist you. Contact Lovett Dental Humble by calling 832.990.8865 for your TMJ consultation today.