It’s not uncommon for a person to chip a tooth when biting into a hard candy. Others might crack a tooth while playing sports or after being in an accident. These situations hurt physically, but they can also change your smile. However, if a cracked or chipped tooth has made you feel less confident, dental bonding can help. If you are considering the benefits of dental bonding, reach out to our team at Lovett Dental Humble today.

The Best Dental Bonding

As noted, dental bonding is a process that fixes cracked or chipped teeth. Imagine a piece of fine china with a chip along the edge. Using dental bonding, which is a specialized composite resin material, it is possible to fill in that gap and create a like-new edge. With dental bonding, we can mold and model the bonding material to fill in the missing piece of your tooth. This customized treatment gives you back the smile you had.

Why We Use Dental Bonding

Every situation is different. When you come in to see your general dentist, you can learn more about when dental bonding can work for you. Most often, this type of dental a woman getting dental bonding in humble txtreatment can help with:

  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Filling in cracks
  • Filling in grooves and abrasions
  • Repairing small missing areas of the tooth
  • Improving stains or discolorations

It is important to know there are some limitations to dental bonding. For example, if your tooth has significant decay and damage due to cavities, you may not benefit from this procedure. Instead, our team can often recommend root canal procedures to clean out the actual infection and damage. Then, we can apply dental fillings and sealants to protect your tooth. This gives you a like-new look to your tooth, as well.

What Happens During the Dental Bonding Process?

If you believe that dental bonding is the right treatment for you, schedule an appointment with our team. We can then provide a full examination of your tooth and offer recommendations. Often, this process of repairing your damaged teeth is done in one appointment.

It will begin with teeth cleaning to remove all the material from the surface. We will then need to abrade the surface of the tooth in the area surrounding the damage. This process is not painful, but it does remove the very finest top layer of the tooth. In doing this, the surface is rough, and the dental bonding material will stick to it and hold it in place.

Once that is done, we will then apply the dental bonding product. We can mold it and change it significantly to create the right shape and fit. Keep in mind, we use dental bonding that is dyed to match the very same tone of your existing teeth. This allows it to look very natural. Once this is done, we will polish the area to ensure it matches the rest of your teeth. It only takes one visit and can give you years of a natural look.

Some people may want to receive emergency dental services for a chipped or cracked tooth. We can help you with that. If you’re looking for dental bonding right away, give our team a call today to see if we can get you in.

Reach Out to Lovett Dental Humble Today

There’s no doubt the way your teeth look matters to you. At Lovett Dental Humble, our experienced and trusted team can help restore your smile. If you’re looking for help with dental bonding, call our dentists today to learn more. Contact us at 281-441-9000.