dental implants services

Dental implant services can be the ideal solution to restoring you to full dental health. While our goal at Lovett Dental is to help you keep your teeth healthy for life, tooth loss can occur through accident, decay, and other causes.

Missing teeth can cause jawbone shrinkage and gum recession. Likewise, surrounding teeth can weaken on either side, causing risks to adjacent teeth, including plaque buildup and tooth decay. Also, problems with chewing can result in associated nutritional complications. When you don’t chew your food completely, you can develop digestive problems.

Dental Implants for Stronger Smiles

Your tooth replacement options include bridges, dentures, and dental implant services. Of the three, dental implant services are your best choice. Here’s why:

A dental bridge covers the gap between missing teeth. The dentist files down the surface of the supporting teeth and places a porcelain cap to “bridge” the space. Dental bridges can fail when the filed-down supporting teeth succumb to bone loss and decay.

Dentures (both partial and full) can be particularly uncomfortable and can slip out of place while talking or eating. Dentures also contribute to eventual bone loss in the jaw.

A dental implant is a stronger, more secure alternative for tooth replacement. Metal, screw-like posts replace the root of the tooth and provide a solid support for the prosthetic teeth. The process can take 4-6 weeks to allow the implant to settle in. In most cases, the implant lasts a lifetime.

The Top Dental Implant Services in Humble

Patients seeking dental implants can choose from a variety of implant options:

Single Tooth Replacement Dental Implant Services

Dental implant services involving a single tooth replacement are usually a same-day process. If the replacement is for an extracted tooth, the dentist can likewise perform the implant procedure immediately after the tooth is extracted.

Full Tooth Replacement Dental Implant Services

For multiple missing teeth, dental implant services provide significant advantages over traditional removable dentures. The dentist will install multiple implant abutments, depending on the needs of the patient. Following the implant surgery, the dentist attaches the full set of dentures permanently in place.

Implant-supported dentures come in two types:

1. The Snap-On Overdenture

Snap-On Overdentures fit tightly to the implants. Their vacuum-assisted housing contributes to their solid functionality. They are removable and provide a viable alternative for denture wearers.

2. Fixed Hybrid or All-On-Four®

This is an implant-retained full upper/lower denture, which attaches permanently to the implants. The dentist uses a precision torque instrument to affix the tooth prosthetic with tiny threaded nuts on the implant screws. Fixed hybrid dentures are the best option when replacing a full set of teeth. They typically require between four and six implants.

Your Timeline for Dental Implants

The process begins with a consultation with your dentist. To see if you are a good candidate for dental implants, the dentist will use a CBCT scan. After the scan, you will receive a dental implant treatment plan, as well as financing and payment options.

Your next step is surgery. The dentist will use sedation surgery where you will probably sleep through the entire process. Side effects will be soreness and swelling, which you can easily control with Tylenol or dentist-prescribed pain medications.

Following a post-operative visit, the dentist will take your final impressions for the new permanent fixed dentures. Within two to four weeks after that, you will receive your beautiful new set of teeth!

How Much Will Dental Implants Cost?

Actual treatment costs are dependent on whether any additional procedures might be required, such as bone replacement therapy. Likewise, a single tooth implant with a crown will cost significantly less than a hybrid fixed denture.

For a free consultation appointment and further information on costs and available financing, contact Lovett Dental Humble at 832.990.8865.