During your routine teeth cleaning, your dentist might suggest a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help make teeth stronger and more resilient. When tooth enamel is healthy, it is better able to resist decay.

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Fluoride Treatments for Bright, Healthy Smiles

Fluoride is what you often see listed on a toothpaste tube or mouthwash bottle. It is also in the water supply of many cities. There is a reason that fluoride is used so widely. Decades ago, researchers discovered that fluoride could support the enamel on the surface of teeth and fight bacteria that can lead to decay. Today, fluoride treatments are a standard part of dental care.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

The fluoride you get from the dentist isn’t the same as what is in your toothpaste and mouthwash. It is more concentrated, so there is more fluoride applied.

Fluoride treatments are available in different forms. The dentist might use a:

  • Rinse
  • Foam
  • Gel
  • Varnish

All of these options will contain concentrated fluoride.

After you receive a fluoride treatment, your dentist will ask that you not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes. Food or liquid can wash away the fluoride before it has a chance to improve tooth enamel.

How Often Do You Need a Professional Fluoride Treatment?

The time frame for fluoride treatments depends on the treatment type. Your dentist might recommend that you get your fluoride treatment anywhere from every three months to once a year. The staff will go over the procedure with you and let you know when to schedule the next one.

What Causes Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay occurs when plaque builds up on the surface of your teeth. The plaque contains bacteria, and when that bacteria comes in contact with sugar from sweets or starchy food, it produces acid. That acid can wear down the enamel on the tooth, creating a hole. Once the hole is there, the acid can go deeper into the dentin, or inside of the tooth, where the nerves and blood vessel sit.

Fluoride Treatments at Lovett Dental Humble

Lovett Dental Humble is a multidisciplinary practice. In other words, we have a number of dental professionals on staff able to offer a variety of services.

General dentistry with fluoride treatments is just one of the services available at Lovett Dental Humble. We also offer:

  • Pediatric Dentistry – Dental services for children
  • Orthodontics – Treatment that helps align teeth through braces and other dental appliances
  • Periodontics – The treatment of gum and soft tissue in the mouth
  • Oral surgery – Any dental surgery including wisdom tooth removal
  • Endodontist – The treatment of dental pulp, the tissue inside a tooth

When you visit Lovett Dental Humble, you have access to general dentistry services including fluoride treatments and special procedures such as tooth replacement, dentures, veneers, and dental bonding. You can get an entire smile makeover in our dental practice.

A fluoride treatment alone is not enough to prevent tooth decay, but it is part of the overall strategy. Good oral hygiene requires you to brush at least two times a day and floss daily. It also includes dental checkups and routine cleanings every six months.

A checkup at Lovett Dental Humble could include other treatments, as well, like a professional dental cleaning that removes tartar, or hardened plaque, from your teeth.

If you have concerns or questions about fluoride or professional fluoride treatments, contact Lovett Dental Humble today at 281-441-9000. We are here to schedule an appointment to keep your teeth and gums healthy.