It’s not uncommon to have problems with teeth grinding at night. If you’re under stress during the day or dealing with tooth pain, you will likely carry over into the nighttime hours. Yet, grinding your teeth at night is damaging to them. That is why we have to use solutions like nightguards that can significantly reduce what’s happening. When you contact our team at Lovett Dental Humble, we can provide you with nightguards and other solutions.

When Are Nightguards Necessary?

teen being fitted for night guardsThere are many instances in which nightguards can be a beneficial investment. We may recommend them for you if you grind your teeth, which occurs when you rub your upper and bottom teeth together. Most people do not know when they are doing this. Yet they may have symptoms of it such as:

  • Pain in their jaw
  • Soreness in the morning
  • Damage to the surface of the teeth
  • Development of TMJ syndrome
  • Discomfort in the jaw
  • Tooth pain not otherwise explained

Your dentist may determine you will benefit from night guards for bruxism, teeth grinding, or night guards for TMJ when you come in for an appointment.

What Can Nightguards for Bruxism Do?

Nightguards are specifically fitted orthodontic appliances. They are fitted into the mouth after being designed specifically for your mouth, teeth alignment, and other factors. They should feel comfortable. Once in place, night guards for bruxism eliminate the risk that you will grind your teeth. Even though you may still try to do so, the teeth grinding motion does not damage the teeth because they are not touching.

What Can Nightguards for TMJ Do?

We may also recommend the use of night guards if you have TMJ or as a way to prevent it. This condition causes significant pain and damage to the jaw hinge. It can create a significant amount of damage when grinding your teeth at night, putting stress on this joint. The night guards for TMJ can help keep the joint properly aligned and minimize any rubbing.

How We Fit Nightguards

The first step is to come in to see our dental team. If you engage in teeth grinding or suspect you do, we recommend coming in for a consultation. Our team will talk to you about what’s going on with your teeth. We can then create nightguards for you. Remember, these are fitted specifically to your mouth so that they are comfortable.

You will also learn how to position them and use them. We’ll teach you how to keep them in good shape and clean them. Once you start to use them, you will find that nightguards are a very comfortable solution to teeth grinding and TMJ problems.

What Other Needs Do You Have?

Teen grinding may not be all that you are struggling with your dental health. We may recommend that you get additional treatment for any underlying conditions you may have. For example, tooth pain can cause you to grind your teeth. Our goal is to find out where tooth pain is coming from to treat it effectively and restore your oral health.

You’ll find that our dental team is happy to help you every step of the way with restoring your oral health. To do this, we may recommend services such as:

Find the Help You Need at Lovett Dental Humble

Whether from teeth grinding or other problems, Lovett Dental Humble can offer you the solutions you need, including nightguards. Our night guards for TMJ and night guards for bruxism can significantly improve your smile and comfort. Call us at 281-441-9000 to schedule a consultation.